What is a Repair Café?

REPAIR: Volunteer repairers are there to help you repair anything you need to fix: appliances appliances (not too big), clothes, bicycles, toys, crockery bikes, toys, crockery, small furniture… anything that doesn’t work any more is welcome, and will perhaps have the chance of a second life.

And repairing not only saves money, but also precious raw materials precious raw materials, helping to reduce greenhouse gas greenhouse gas emissions.

CAFÉ: The Repair Café is also a place to meet and exchange ideas. Come and chat with other local residents: exchange tips, initiate new projects, or simply spend a good time together!

WANTED: Do you know anything about electronics, woodworking, mechanics, sewing etc.? mechanics, sewing, etc., and do you know how to repair? Come and support us! The Repair Café needs you, because it can only function thanks to volunteers like you! Registration form.

Why a Repair Café?

We have a tendency to throw away broken objects too often. Many objects are barely damaged at all and would be perfectly usable usable after a simple repair. But for many of us, repairing is no longer normal. We just don’t know how. The know-how is disappearing. Those of us who still possess this practical knowledge are not always known to those who need help. Their experience is little or hardly used at all.

The Repair Café wants to change that! Valuable know-how can be passed on, and the knowledge they have acquired knowledge they have acquired during their working lives.Refurbished objects will be usable for longer, and won’t have to be thrown away.

In this way, the Repair Café aims to help reduce the consumption of materials and CO2. Because making new products – and recycling them recycling them – produces CO2.The Repair Café teaches people to see their possessions differently, to rediscover their value.The Repair Café fosters a change in mentality, which is a prerequisite for a sustainable society built by all.Above all, the Repair Café aims to be a fun and rewarding experience in repairing repair, which is often very simple. Come and give it a try!

Where does the Repair Café come from?

The Repair Café concept was born in Amsterdam, on the initiative of Martine Postma, who organized the very first one in Amsterdam on October 18, 2009. Amsterdam. It was a resounding success. For Martine, this success was the reason for creating the Repair Café Foundation, which since 2011 has been supporting local groups to start up their own Repair Café. All Repair Cafés have now joined forces in a worldwide worldwide movement committed to preserving the knowledge and skills the knowledge and skills of repair. At the same time, it the manufacture of products that are better repairable. In addition to the Netherlands, there are Repair Cafés in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France Germany, France, the UK, the USA, India, Japan and in many countries around the world.

In Luxembourg, the Repair Café Lëtzebuerg was launched on the initiative of Claude Schergen. The first one took place the Goodbyemonopol2 exhibition in 2014. Since then, the association regularly organizes Repair Cafés in Luxembourg City (where the Repair Café Lëtzebuerg) and occasionally in other parts of the country. in other parts of the country, notably as part of the Do-It-Yourself festival festival organized by the Mouvement de la Transition. Some have also been set up on the initiative of private individuals or local authorities. The Repair Café Minett is also an initiative of the Mouvement de la Transition, with the communes du Sud, to create a platform in the region and establish the the practice of Repair Café. We are convinced that you will help us help us develop them in other regions!

Become a repairer

We’re looking for repairers, whether professionals, amateurs, tinkerers, craftsmen… to fix broken objects and pass on their know-how, whether it concerns electronics, sewing, computers, everyday objects…

Are you interested in the Repair Café concept and want to get involved?

Then join us!

Within the network, you’ll join a team, which means you’ll never be on your own, and you’ll always be able to call on a mentor or other volunteers: you won’t have to solve problems that go beyond your skills, you won’t be asked to repair something you don’t know how to do, and you’ll never have results targets!

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other handymen, to share your experience and benefit from that of others, to operate within a group.

Form (2 minutes max) :